One of the members of Fosseway Writers (ok, that would be me) has recently produced a guest post for Sarah Bruso’s blog ‘Prejudice and Politics‘. This is a wonderfully imaginative blog that personifies countries (especially the US, Russia, China and the basket-case of world politics, North Korea) and gets them to interact in unusual ways. Like taking a long camper-van trip together. (NB: some of the posts may contain some swearing; I think this is probably how wars start).

This could be a useful writing exercise for those fancying a bit of lateral thinking. Can we think how Greece would be feeling right now, if he/she was an individual?  Probably flat broke, depressed – and don’t mention Germany.



One thought on “Blog links: What if countries were people?

  1. I personally like to imagine Greece as an I’m-35-but-still-live-with-Mom-esque guy (chin stubble and all) who rocks hoodies and slightly tattered jeans while moping on Germany’s coach. That is, until Germany kicks him out.

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