Wow. Very meta, as the kids these days say.

Anyway, this is a pre-prepared piece of text describing the process of posting some content on to a blog, which will be done ‘live’ during Nick’s talk on Blogging.

First of all, you need access to a blog. There are many out there to choose from but this is for the benefit of the Fosseway Writers group and we already have a blog set up with WordPress. You also need to be signed up as a distinct user of the relevant platform. In other words, you need a user name and password that the blog recognises. Fosseway Writers members can be given access to our blog and they can post material on to it as well as on to any personal blog they may have.

Once you have access to a blog you simply click on the ‘Write’ icon which will take you to the ‘Create a New Post’ page.

You’re then given a Title section, a toolbar of buttons and a blank area in which to create your post. We’re simply going to copy the text of this rambling piece of nonsense that you’re currently reading into the blank new post. Copy the title and paste it into the title section. Then copy the main body of the text and paste it into the empty space under the toolbar. Those buttons allow you to do things like bold and italic, add links to websites (that’s the weird icon that looks a bit like some chain links) and add pictures (always a good idea because it makes the post look more interesting).

We’ll add some Categories (these are high-level descriptive classifications, like ‘Poetry’ or ‘Fiction’ or ‘Blogging’) and some Tags (more specific descriptors, like ‘instructions’, ‘random nonsense’ or ‘this is just a test’).

We could also set a Featured Image which shows up as the main picture for the post, automatically share the post to specified social media accounts (like Facebook and Twitter), and add a summary excerpt.

It’s as easy as that!


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