At our January 5th meeting Nick Rowe talked about the delights of blogging. He gave an excellent power point presentation which was extremely informative. We were shown how to write a page such as this and how to link to other web sites. Nick’s enthusiasm for connecting with other writers via a blog was obvious and he explained how helpful it can be to get comments from like-minded people.

So has he inspired the group?  Will our website be full of blogs? As the saying goes….

Watch this Space!

Thanks to Sue Vickers for taking the photos!

2 thoughts on “A Blogging Workshop

  1. Yes, it was an excellent presentation and I very much hope that other members will have been inspired to put up posts, especially their short stories. I look forward to the coming weeks and have my fingers crossed for lots of new content.

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  2. Thanks for the praise! I’m glad everyone got something positive out of it. Let’s hope we see a few more members taking to the blogosphere over the next few weeks!


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