Our next formal meeting takes place on Thursday 6 April (7-9 pm) and our speakers are the inspirational dynamic duo of Sue Hampton and husband Leslie Tate.

Sue is the author of more than twenty novels for readers of all ages. She has been a full-time author since 2008, and “Traces” (for 10-14 year olds) made the top three in The People’s Book Prize 2012 while “Frank” (for younger readers) won Bronze in the Wishing Shelf Awards 2013. Sue also became an  Ambassador for Alopecia UK and last year helped win £29,000 for the charity on the BBC quiz programme, Eggheads.

Sue Hampton

Sue married novelist and poet Leslie Tate in 2012. He is the author of the trilogy “Lavender Blues: Three Shades of Love” and has produced “Head and Heart“, a collection of poems following the story of two late-life lovers, an audio CD of poetry and music (“When Sparks Fly“), as well as an autobiography, “Heaven’s Rage“, which covers themes of addiction and identity.



We hope to see you there!

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