We were delighted to welcome our judges, Peter Day and Dorothy Woolley, to our results evening on Thursday 4th May. Peter, a published poet, was a member of Fosseway Writers for many years and was our acting Vice-chairman for a number of those years.

Peter gave a very clear explanation as to how they had arrived at their choice of the winners. He said that subjectivity was obviously a factor when reading the poems but that objectivity was of great importance when they looked at the skills and language used by the poets. He commented on the high standard of work in all the poems.

Two poems were highly commended: “Seagull”  by Bryan Thomas from Colchester and

Buzzards” by Phil Vernon from Tunbridge Wells.

3rd Prize was awarded to  “Sky Skaters” by Fay Dickinson from Corby, Northants.

2nd Prize was awarded to “Catching the Train to Work from the Suburbs” by Phil Vernon from Tunbridge Wells.

1st Prize was awarded  to “Hoping for Inspiration” by Peter Wyton from Gloucester.

The group enjoyed reading and listening to the poems and send congratulations to the  winners.

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