Fosseway Writers will have a wartime feel on Thursday 5th October as Clare Harvey parachutes in on a special mission to tell us about writing historical fiction. Her three Clare HarveyWW2 books, The Gunner Girl, The English Agent and The Night Raid, focus on ordinary women facing extraordinary challenges while war rages in Europe and in the skies above Britain.

Set in places such as London, Nottingham and occupied France, the books perhaps hint at some of the travelling Clare has done since leaving Devon to study in Leicester (and then hitch-hiked through southern Africa and worked in Nepal and Germany) before settling in Nottingham. Exploring new places appears to be in her blood, but what about exploring different times?

How does one go about creating a realistic setting from the past without falling foul of chronological errors? This must be particularly difficult when there are still people alive who remember the 1940s. Join us at 7 pm at Knights Court to get to grips with the fact that the past is another destination we need to visit in our writing!

Clare Harvey book pic


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