Happy 2018! I hope that your festivities were in keeping with expectation (there, that should cover all eventualities, from wild and raucous through to sedate and peaceful) and that you are all well-rested and raring to go through another year of mind-boggling world events.

A few years ago, after telling myself that I would sit down and write a novel at some point (and having failed to do so for several years) I joined Fosseway Writers as a kind of New Year’s resolution to actually do something about it. I’m now the Chair (not really sure how that happened). I still haven’t written my novel (dammit!), but, BUT… I have practised my writing, honed my style, attempted genres I hadn’t contemplated, listened to some excellent speakers and took part in several workshops that really got the creative juices flowing. And benefited from informal meetings with other members and discuss/read our work.

So if you’re thinking that you might need a bit of a helping hand to guide you into the world of writing, why not come along to our next meetings. The first of the year is a workshop by Richard Berry on Creative Writing on Thursday 4 January at 7 pm. Don’t know a Planner from a Pantser? Ever wondered what on earth NaNoWriMo is? Or do you just want some basic tips on how to put a story together? Come along to Knights Court and be enlightened!

Of course, Richard’s workshop is rather straight out of the gate and many people are still rubbing bloodshot eyes wondering what day it is (and it does seem to be just one grey winter’s day blurring into the next). So if you’re still thinking of taking up the challenge of becoming a writer but can’t quite get in to gear right now, then how about coming along to our second formal meeting of the year where Sara Bullimore will be giving a talk on this summer’s Newark Book Festival. We have some big plans for the Festival and Sara will be talking about past events and the preparations for 2018. And then on 1 March Giselle Leeb will be giving a workshop on how to write short stories.

Come on, there’s never been a better time to start writing and we’re here to help!


Nick Rowe, Chair

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