At the start of the month we had a great talk by Caroline Bingham on her adventures in newspaper and magazine publishing. She is the current owner and editor of the Lincolnshire Life magazine but has in the past worked for the Guardian, the Manchester Evening News and the Newark Advertiser.

Lincolnshire Life is very much a publication focused on the county but does extend its remit to Newark, lying as it does so close to the county border and probably having more in common with Grantham, Lincoln and Sleaford than Mansfield or Worksop.

In terms of writers and content, Caroline has some specialists and some go-to freelancers who she can count on to do the research and interviews and turn in a vibrant piece of around 1200-1500 words within a deadline. Some freelancers feed stories in to her whilst there’s also the opportunity for them to sell on their Lincolnshire pieces to other publications such as Readers Digest.

Interestingly, she has more contributors than can handle. The worst ones are those from out of the county who never really studied Lincolnshire or the publication. The other nightmare, of course, is people who can’t write!

She never runs out of material and is always trying to mix people, events, history, but especially people doing things in community such as LEBBS blood bikers. There is also a sister publication called The Poacher which leans more towards poetry and memories of bygone days.


We also enjoyed the presence of a new group of interested writers who had recently finished a creative writing course at Newark library. Hopefully they will return this Thursday for our informal meeting where we will read out any works in progress. For those wanting a prompt, the latest one is “Impeccable Timing“, although perhaps there’s a certain irony there because I’ve posted this a bit later than I planned. You’ve got less than 3 days to get something written!

The next informal meeting is 7 pm at Knights Court on Thursday 19th April.


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