We had a great informal meeting on the 19th April but before you get the wrong idea about what we found funny let me fill you in on the details.

Anne had written a sharp piece on the prompt of “Impeccable Timing” which revolved around a rather unpleasant chap and his love of beautiful things (which included himself), to the detriment of his female dates. A few other characters that we came across during the meeting also had distinct shades of misogyny. But new attendee Barbara read out a very amusing piece on round-robin Christmas missives and Sean’s contribution was from his work-in-progress, a darkly humorous novel set in rural post-WW2 Ireland.

Linda is working through her memoirs and wrapping particular episodes of her unusual life around the prompt of the month. The latest offering covered how she ended up in the teaching profession, told with her fabulously engaging approach.

We were also joined by local author Maria Dziedzan who read out the first chapter of what will be her third novel in her Lost Country series. It’s a very powerful opening to a book and certainly made us want to know more about what happens to the characters; it’s quite a traumatic introduction so we hope things get a little better for them, but Stalinist USSR wasn’t known for being a fun place.

Nick continued with his ancient adventure, The Ophagy, which is now up to Chapter 14. For those who haven’t heard about this, it started with a short story based on the prompt “swan song”. The following month’s prompt gave the opportunity to continue the same story and, always one to take on a stupid task, every prompt since has been grafted into an ongoing tale of two shipwrecked Greek sailors and their interesting dietary habits. He realised several months ago that he is now writing a novel by accident.

The prompt for May’s informal meeting is “I Couldn’t Help But Laugh“, but of course attendees are free to bring along whatever they want. On the subject of prompts, we have been approached by a producer of a show on Radio Newark to see if we would like to write some flash fiction (up to 500 words) that link in to easy listening chill-out songs played late at night, such as “Strangers in the Night” or “When I Fall in Love”. These would be read out on air (with credits to the author and the group), followed by the song being played. Nick has a list of example tracks if you’re interested in writing one.

The next meeting is a formal get together on 3rd of May where we will be reviewing our plans for Newark Book Festival (anthology, competition, stand, prizes, books to sell, volunteers and so on). See you at Knight’s Court!


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