Flash Fiction Competition 2018

  We are pleased to announce the launch of our annual Flash Fiction competition on the theme of ‘JOURNEY’. This year you've got a massive 200 words to play with, but remember: this is a limit, not a target! If you can nail the perfect 'Journey' micro story or vignette in 50 words, perhaps that's…

Competition Deadline Day! (More or less…)

You've still got a few hours to get your stories about Newark winging their way into our inbox. The official deadline is midnight tonight, Friday 18th May. However... ...we won't actually have time to access the inbox until the afternoon of Sunday 20th. This is nothing to do with any weddings or football matches, honest!…

Two Days Left! Get Your Entries In!!

Yes, just two days left to send us your short stories for our open writing competition especially for those lovely people living in and around Newark-on-Trent. All you have to do is pick a moment (or several, if you can squeeze them in) from Newark’s past and write a short story (1500 words for adults,…

G is for Groups – writing groups

Great insights into why joining writers’ groups is a really good idea!

Away With the Fairies


Writing can be a lonely business. Especially early on, when it feels as though it’s impossible to know whether your writing is any good, or what you need to improve. You can share your writing, of course, and your family will give you all the encouragement and support you need to keep going. To learn writing as a craft, though, you need input from people who know the craft. This is where workshops and writing groups come in.

Sharing your writing with people other than your mum is always a daunting experience. Receiving a rejection from an unseen editor is bad enough, but having someone go through and point out all the weak spots and areas for improvement can feel like those dreams where you forget to get dressed and realise you’ve gone to work naked.

Oh, you don’t have those? Okay, moving on.

I’ve joined a few writing groups…

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New Anthology!!

We had a really productive meeting on Thursday on the group's plans for the Newark Book Festival in July with some great ideas from our members. We've got a bit of work to do but we hope to have a really engaging stall on the Saturday and Sunday in the Market Place. And the centre-piece…