There’s just ONE WEEK left to submit your stories for our local writing competition. Entries have begun arriving in to our email box but we know that there are still more to come.

All you have to do is pick a moment (or several, if you can squeeze them in) from Newark’s past and write a short story (1500 words for adults, 750 words for under 16s) and send it through to us at . Entry is FREE! You can submit as many entries as you want and the winners will be awarded trophies at the Newark Book Festival in July.

So, what’s it going to be? Romans? Vikings? Robin Hood and King John? The Civil War siege? The bombing of Ransome and Marles? Here’s one for you: Lady Godiva (who rode through Coventry, naked, around a thousand years ago) was from Lincolnshire and owned Newark and Balderton. Perhaps your story has her popping back for a visit. Or perhaps you would prefer to focus on something more recent, such as wild nights out in clubs that have since closed. It’s entirely up to you – but you’ve only got seven days left – the deadline is midnight on Friday 18th May. Crack on!

Full rules can be found on our Competitions page.


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