August Informal Meeting

We had a really good session the other night with some of our regulars being joined by a few new faces. Janey and Clair were two of the winners of our Local History Writing Competition while Becci was present to receive her prize (a copy of 'Gobstoppers, Shrimps and Sour Monkeys') for winning our Newark…

My 4 Golden Rules of Writing

Some great tips on what rules to focus on (and the ones you shouldn’t worry about) when writing.

Nicholas C. Rossis

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I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now. The main reason is that I keep coming across several writing rules that make little sense to me. Then, I came across a gem of a post by Constance Hale, “When Shakespeare Committed Word Crimes” on TED.

Constance confirmed what I long suspected: when there is tension in a language between what comes naturally and the rules, it’s because someone has tried to shoehorn the language into their idea of conformity.

Does this mean there are no rules? Not at all. It just means that the ones we are taught in workshops and classrooms are not necessarily the ones that matter to actual readers – as opposed to teachers, agents and editors. So, here are my golden rules; the ones no fiction writer should ever break, in my view:

Rule #1: Don’t let your writing get in the way of your story.

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