Hi all! This is your reminder that our next meeting is this Thursday at 7 pm at Knights Court. If you’ve written something you would like to bring along, whether it’s to our latest prompt of “the desire to live another day” or something completely different, we’d love to hear it.

But if you just want to come and listen to some new pieces by our members and perhaps chat about themes, genres and authors, that’s fine too. We’ll save you a chair.

A few things are afoot with Fosseway Writers that we’d love to have everyone involved in:

1) we’re developing an idea for a collaborative author project with the intention of getting it into print (i.e. a proper paperback book) in time for the 2019 Newark Book Festival. It may well involve murder (fictional, obviously. We’re not encouraging you to commit actual crimes). If you want to be a part of this then get in touch now! Better still, come along to the meeting!

2) the suggestion that we hold our informal readout sessions in a local pub. I have to say that this has many elements in its favour. What do you think? Come along to Knights Court and then we can do a ‘compare and contrast’ exercise.

3) Our Letter Writing Competition is still open until 5 October, with a first prize of £25. See our Competitions Page for more info.

And finally, just a quick note to remind you that Horrormeister Alex Davis is coming to talk to the group about all things gruesome and grisly at the start of October. Just in time for you to create something truly frightful for Halloween.


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