We had another couple of new faces at our regular mid-month get-together and hope to see Edward and Ray again soon. Ray is a member of the Sleaford Hub Writers and mentioned their regular meetings on the first Tuesday of the month as well as some anthologies they have had published.

We had a good discussion on our latest project with some character sketches being put forward. We’re now up and running with the Fosseway Forum where all of our scheming will be pulled together. We’ve honed the basic plot down to a school reunion of 40/41 year olds returning as the Class of ’89 when they started secondary school. Some of the characters have changed a fair bit since their time in school uniform and there are deep-rooted emotions and enmities to be explored. Also lurking in the background is some ghastly bit of trauma that resulted in a death and working out the specifics of that is likely to be a lot of gruesome fun. And the general plot-arc may involve another fatality at the party – possibly several, potentially spectacularly. Jackie and I think that something along the lines of Christopher Brookmyre may work rather well (especially the Jack Parlabane and Angelique de Xavier series of crime stories laced with black humour). But seeing as we’re going to be writing as individual voices we don’t need to worry about the big picture too much; these will be semi-self-contained narratives within one evening where ‘stuff’ is going to happen. Somehow.

If any other local Newark writers want to get involved please let us know as soon as possible so that we can all start to collaborate on some of the recurring personnel that will lie across most of the stories.

After some entertaining readings we dug deep into the Kindle app to pull out the next prompt which is: “A series of cascades rivalling the falls” and if you choose to write something to this you can utilise all or any part of that phrase.

The biggest news of the night was that we unanimously voted to give the Organ Grinder pub a try for the next informal meeting on 18th October at 7 pm. The Organ Grinder is situated on Portland Street next to Doncaster’s butchers and halfway between the Beaumond Cross / Robin Hood Hotel traffic lights and Pelham St / Clinton St.  Parking options are: Odeon / Library car park; Asda’s top deck car park; Co-Op / B&M Bargains car park; or a crafty bit of on-street parking if you’re very lucky.

Finally, you’ve only got until Friday 5th October (yes, this Friday!) to get your entries inletter-writing-day-fun for the Letter Writing Competition. Uptake at the moment is a bit lower than we’d like so make sure you enter because there’s a good chance that you could win!

And don’t forget that this Thursday (4th October) we will have a workshop with Horror Meister Alex Davis – more on this later!


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