(The picture is actually from November but we’re usually having too much of a good time to take regular photos)

We had our latest informal read out session at the Organ Grinder pub in Newark on Thursday 17th and it was pretty damn good. Maybe it’s the fact that a bit of alcoholic lubrication makes for a pleasant evening, but I’m inclined to believe that it’s mostly down to lovely people and engaging writing.

We also welcomed some newbies along; Sheila, Jacqueline and Lauren had attended our first formal workshop of the year (on blogging and social media) and were joined by Graham who found us on Facebook. This was their first taste of the kind of writing we get up to; hopefully we haven’t scared them off.

Sheila had actually started a story based on our last prompt of “he couldn’t prevent the truth” which was very entertaining – we’re looking forward to hearing more. And on the subject of prompts, our next one is slightly unusual. Using the Fosseway Writers Prompt Finder tool (a randomly generated phrase from a book on my Kindle app) we have ended up with “enough pasture to increase the herd“. I suppose it could be used as a metaphor if you don’t want to write anything particularly agricultural. I do love a challenge 🙂

The next informal read out is back in the Organ Grinder on Thursday 21st February but before then we have a formal workshop at Knights Court on 7th Feb where Anne will be giving us some writing exercises, so don’t forget pen and paper (or laptop if, like me, you’ve lost the ability to write legibly).

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