As February draws to a hot and sunny close (for future readers it hit over 21 degrees C in the UK today, which is clearly Pleasant But Not Right) we thought it might be worth reminding people that our Poetry Competition deadline is just over two weeks away.

The topic is EDGE and in case you were wondering what kind of edge you would want to cover we’ve got two topical subjects in the climate and Brexit. So, pretty much ‘edge of disaster’ in both of those. Or maybe that B word just puts your teeth on edge 🙂

All the rules are on our Competitions Page – and please ensure that you put sufficient postage on your entry. We’ve been notified by Royal Mail that one letter had £1.50 owing which may indicate a complete absence of stamps (it has not been delivered).

Also, if you happen to live in the Newark area, make sure you get something sent to us because there’s an additional prize for the best local submission.

So finish off those poems (or, if you’re like me in being not so organised, start your poems) and get them into us by Saturday 16 March. And good luck!

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