There’s just seven days left!

No, not until the end of the world… there’s just seven days left for you to get your poetry entries in for our current competition. The theme is “Remote” and you can interpret that however you want.

For example, you could write something about the likelihood of catching some (entirely random) disease. Or the amount of faith you may have in the authorities’ capabilities in dealing with a pandemic.

Or the distance you want to put between yourself and that coughing passenger on your bus.

Or it could be about a desperate hunt for the remote control because you’re self-isolating and can’t turn the telly on.

First prize is £50, which you could spend on hand sanitiser and toilet roll (or at least put it towards your purchase). Send us a maximum of 40 lines by post or email before 23:59 on Saturday 21 March 2020. Full details are on our website at

Good luck and stay safe!

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