“Reunion Day” & Positive Feedback!

August 31st was 'reunion day' in our recent book - which people appear to actually quite like, judging by the positive reviews we've had. Come along to our next meeting for more info on who wrote it, how we did it and what we might do next.

New Book: “Burning Old School Ties”

We've written a book called "Burning Old School Ties"! Members of Fosseway Writers have produced a collaborative novel set in Newark: eight authors, eight voices, eight intertwined tales within one story focused on one night.

We’re Going Down The Pub…

Just a quick note to remind everyone that tonight's informal read-back meeting is at the Organ Grinder pub on Portland St, just off the Beaumond Cross / Robin Hood Hotel traffic light junction. We will have a run through anything written to the last prompt ("a series of cascades to rival the falls") or anything…

October Meeting: “Fears & Monsters” with Alex Davis

We're delighted to welcome Alex Davis back to Fosseway Writers this Thursday (4th October). Alex's sessions are always entertaining and informative and this time around we've arranged for him to attend in early October so that you can be inspired to write something dark and scary in time for Halloween.

AGM: Our Plans for 2019

Invest in henchmen, buy some heavy duty weaponry and get a fluffy white cat to stroke inside a secret base. Hang on. That's the 'Survive Brexit' folder. Ahh, here's the AGM news... After hearing the results of the Flash Fiction competition (more on that later), we worked through the agenda and listened to the Treasurer's…